Listen: Katy Kirby – “Traffic!” [2020]

Saw this getting shared around with high velocity on my timeline yesterday and after one listen, I realize why. Katy Kirby is a musician based in Nashville with a debut album on the way, Cool Dry Place via blog-fav label Keeled Scales. Her first single, “Traffic!”, showcases some real acrobatic vocal chops, executing flips, dips, spins and twirls through flaming hoops of steady indie rock instrumentation that change direction on the dime-like-cues that Kirby sets with her vocal melody. Throw in a little tasteful vocoder-like touch to the vocals and boom – you’ve got the tune, something that has officially kickstarted my enthusiasm for upcoming 2021 releases.

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1 Response to Listen: Katy Kirby – “Traffic!” [2020]

  1. J says:

    It’s fun stuff! Anything similar?

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