Listen: Paloma San Basilio – “Contigo” [1977]

So I got a chance to check out Khrunagbin’s upcoming Late Night Tales mix a bit early and if you like any of the old groove stuff I post on here, you’re gonna want to check it out. For one, I hadn’t heard of a single track on there. Only artist I’m familiar with is Alice Coltrane. And with every track, I would get butterflies in my stomach because wow – these are some stellar grooves from all over the world. I have a huge soft spot for Brazilian music, so I wanted to share this song “Contigo” first. It’s just marvelous. There’s also a song from Russia (I’m assuming) that sounds like it’s from Brazil. WILD. Again, peep the Khruangbin Late Night Tales mix when you can. It’ll be worth it for new tunes you can weasel into your DJ sets.

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