Listen: Sara Bug – “Rosebank” [2021]

Wanted to share a new song from a relatively new artist, Nashville’s Sara Bug, who just signed to Egghunt Records. The song in question is “Rosebank”, a song dedicated to taking therapeutic motorcycle rides – a concept I’m very familiar with if you swap out motorcycles for NYC public transit, or windows-down drives to the beach in the winter. The thrill of movement, wind pushing through every pore (ok maybe not deep underground on a subway, but you get it) acting as a cleansing salve for built-up tension.

The song itself does a great job at harnessing this feeling of movement, with heavy guitar lines chugging at a steady pace, while ebbing and flowing within the chorus. Vocals are solid too, giving me Big Thief and Jessica Lea Mayfield vibes. This is a promising first taste of hopefully more to come – keep your eyes and ears here if you’re into it.

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