Listen: John Andrews & The Yawns – “New California Blue” [2021]

Out today, “New California Blue” is the first single off the upcoming John Andrews & The Yawns album Cookbook, coming May 14 via Woodsist. 

If you’re unfamiliar with John Andrews directly, you’re likely familiar with projects he’s been involved with in the past, like Hand Habits and Woods. Cookbook is his third album under the ‘& The Yawns’ name, the previous two LPs also via Woodsist. This new song itself is dedicated to none other than Joni Mitchell, as her music was particularly inspiring to Andrews for a hectic stretch of time in his life. That’s something I respect and can get behind. Sonically, it’s got an old-time charm, radiating with warmth; from the nostalgic piano, to the cool keys, to the echoing brush-played drums, finally to Andrews mellow falsetto drifting across the instrumental landscape like the puffiest cloud in a clear, blue sky. It’s even got some flute in there. If you know me in person and have heard me rave about the “Essential Oil Dimension”… this definitely earns its spot in that alternate universe.

On the album’s bio, written by Andrews’ mom, she likens the album to whatever was playing in that classic “dogs playing poker” painting. You know the one. And she’s pretty on point. The album is like a 70s cartoon. It’s homey, it’s kitschy, it’s whimsical, and it’s comforting. It’s a glass Garfield mug. I know we’ve all been spending A LOT of time at home, but maybe this might transport you to a home different than yours – a real old-timey spot where you’ll walk in and your cheeks will flush from the dry heat + wool socks. Come on home. Open the heavy door. Close it with its satisfying latch, and sit in a big old chair with a lace woolen pattern laid atop the back.

Cookbook comes out May 14 via Woodsist – you can pre-order it HERE.

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