Listen: Carlos Niño & Friends – “Pleasewakeupalittlefaster, Please… (with Jamael Dean)” [2021]

Over the last two years I’ve come to respect or worship pretty much everything Chicago label International Anthem puts out. The Resavoir record from 2019 especially hits for me, but they’ve got plenty of heat on the catalog. Most of it jazz, or as Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah would say, creative improvised music.

One record I’ve been lucky enough to hear a little early is the upcoming Carlos Niño & Friends record, More Energy Fields, Current, coming May 7 via International Anthem. It’s a perfect record to populate the space of a room, letting the gentle sounds of piano, saxophone, electronics and percussion percolate in your consciousness. I’m definitely picking up the vinyl before it’s gone forever. It carries a lush energy – a spiritual kind of music that works for the 21st century and beyond. This first track out from the album is the opener, setting the scene for tracks that feature artists like Dntel (a fav of the blog), Sam Gendel, Nate Mercereau and more. It’s a special record, let me tell you that. Make sure to listen above and get those pre-orders on.

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