Listen: Izzy Johnson – “seeing” [2021]

We love a Michigan musician! As a Michigan native myself, I don’t do enough to actively seek out the creators from my homeland. When I do come across one though, I usually approach their music with an innate fondness. The fondness I brought to Izzy Johnson honestly didn’t really need to be there, as they make music that instantly gels with me and absolutely can feel right at home in the tunes I’ve been posting here lately.

Johnson’s first single off their upcoming record, earth tones (out via Driftless Recordings on July 2nd), is a free-flowing, tender exploration of sound, held up by an acoustic guitar exoskeleton and filled with viscera made of washes of muted synths, blissful (dare I say Julianna Barwick-like) vocals and wayward flute painted in broad strokes. Previously mentioned Julianna Barwick fans, alongside Grouper, Gia Margaret and Sea Oleena fans will find this to be of their fancy, but I recommend anyone looking for a moment to breathe in something divine and natural to listen to this.

earth tones is out July 2nd via Driftless – pre-order it HERE.

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