Listen: Dry Cleaning – “Her Hippo” [2021]

Not sure how I haven’t posted more about Dry Cleaning here. I think one reason is that they’ve always been weirdly on the outside of my radar, only coming into view when it’s Best Of list season and I listened to their previous two EPs. One of which made my Best EPs of 2019 list. I didn’t have any expectations going into their debut album New Long Leg, but wow, I was and continued to be floored. It’s just a fantastic rock record. The dry vocals are definitely the focal point for much of the album, but I’d argue that the guitars and the overall mix of everything is just so satisfying and brilliant. An exciting and engaging guitar record. How novel? “Her Hippo” has been my favorite track by far, with its expansive, sharp guitars establishing a dusty ghost-town environment in the song. It’s heavy and got a great rhythm. Cannot deny. Listen to this damn album.

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