Playlist: 100% Humidity – Sweat As A Second Skin


As someone who has lived in humid climates for their entire life, I feel like I can go long on talking about the aesthetic beauties and horrors of humidity. Coming out of the winter and now arcing into warmer temperatures, there were those colder days where I’d fantasize about the hottest days of summer I’ve experienced, like ones where there were heat advisories but I still went to a loft ambient concert anyways. It’s a type of heat that weighs you down (physically, with sweat as well as movement-wise). You can feel like you’re walking through soup. There were nights where you could just lay in bed, fans on you, and picturing yourself physically melting into the folds of your mattress isn’t some farfetched outcome.

I feel like a lot of my other playlists inhabit this humid, steamy universe I lay out in my head, namely Essential Oil Dimension, Rose Garden 2AM, Submerged Reflection, Beach Ball Hell, Heist On The Highway and to a certain extent Sand Dollar Jukebox, but I picture a nice seabreeze flowing that day. 100% Humidity is the most sweltering of those days with a heat that makes your upper lip all dewy by just standing there. Deep bass mirrors happily gurgling tide pools, guitars and other melodic leads bend and warp in the heat. A little past the halfway point the songs start to slow down, stretching to a crawl, finishing off with a suite of instrumental pieces to emphasize there is no more coherent human thought – just melted synapses and a ceasefire of cognition. Pure bliss from the release of human thought. Listen to the playlist below and check the tracklist.


  1. Vanishing Twin – “KRK (At Home In Strange Places)”
  2. Bruno Pernadas – “Spaceway 70”
  3. Feater – “Time Million (feat. Vilja Larjosto)”
  4. Brijean – “Softened Thoughts”
  5. Buscabulla – “Manda Fuego”
  6. Casey Mecija – “Palms Lose”
  7. Korallreven – “The Truest Faith”
  8. Air France – “No Way Down”
  9. Anemone – “She’s The One”
  10. Vinyl Williams – “Lansing”
  11. Maston – “Sure Thing”
  12. Faye Webster – “Is It Too Much To Ask”
  13. Cate Le Bon – “Daylight Matters”
  14. Atlas Sound – “My Halo”
  15. The Beach Boys – “Let’s Go Away For Awhile”
  16. Yves Jarvis – “For Props”
  17. Astrud Gilberto – “And Roses And Roses”
  18. Sam Evian – “Carolina”
  19. Brilliantes Del Vuelo – “I Know That”
  20. Men I Trust – “Air”
  21. John Carroll Kirby – “Night Croc”
  22. Buillon – “We Had A Good Time”
  23. D.K. – “Journey To The Sun”
  24. Joseph Shabason – “I Thought That I Could Get Away With It”
  25. Wilson Tanner – “Sun Room”
  26. Ryosuke Miyata – “Shady Path”

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