Listen: Braids – “Taste” [2015]

Was revisiting Braids’ immaculate 2015 synth pop opus Deep In The Iris tonight and was reminded that 1. this record kicks ass and 2. not enough people know about it. “Taste” feels like the lead single despite its five-minute length. It’s got a soaring melody, propulsive synths and surrounding instrumentals and fantastic production overall. If you’re a general fan of synth pop and haven’t heard this album yet, please rectify that ASAP.

Not to reference a YouTuber, but Dunkey recently made a video about video game prices and brought up the argument asking why people consistently buy and play new games even thought they’re terrible, when there are so many classic games (that you haven’t played yet) that you could instead play for much cheaper. Now this comparison doesn’t exactly directly crossover to the music world due to streaming, but I feel like people are always taking in the deluge of new records and then casting them aside the next week. Take some time to go back and find something from the past that you’ve never listened to, or revisit one of your old favorites that isn’t automatically recommended via an algorithm or something. Deep In The Iris has always been one I return to and I think it should be for you as well. Tons of depth and variety on here. “Sore Eyes” is my personal favorite track, but I’ve talked about that song enough on here.

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