Listen: Shannon & The Clams – “Vanishing” [2021]

Realizing now that even after being a fan of Shannon & The Clams for nearly a decade, I’ve never posted about them on Warm Visions. I guess it’s always been in the realm of something I played on my college radio music show in the “golden years” of modern garage + surf rock (which in my mind was 2012-2016, but that’s obviously up for debate).

The band just dropped a new record Year of the Spider via Easy Eye Sound (their second for Dan Auerbach’s label) and it may be their best yet. I’ve always been partial to their 2013 LP Dreams In The Rat House, but that record doesn’t have absolute classic rippers like “Vanishing” on it, where Shannon Shaw’s vocals are really let loose, granting us some fantastic belts that are pretty unrivaled in their discography. It follows many of the genres musical tropes, but at this point hearing a song like this is pretty refreshing, especially since it feels like there’s so much soul in it to begin with. It’s a great album closer as well, drifting in unassumingly at the end and blowing the socks off listeners, leaving them scrambling for both their clothing and the replay button.

Year of the Spider is out NOW via Easy Eye Sound. Buy it HERE.

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