Listen: Eve Owen – “Nothing Beautiful” (from Keeled Scales x Nuçi’s Space Benefit Comp) [2021]

The sweet people over at Keeled Scales (which is holding a fair lead in the 2021 Label of the Year race) are putting together a great benefit compilation with Nuçi’s Space to celebrate the Athens organization’s 21st anniversary. The comp will not only feature songs from Keeled Scales artists like Katy Kirby, Lunar Vacation and Buck Meek, but foundational Athens artists R.E.M. & Pylon (!), and other of-the-moment independent names like Cassandra Jenkins, Fontaines D.C., Flock of Dimes, Sylvan Esso and more.

Nuçi’s Space, to quote the bio of the compilation: “is a nonprofit organization in Athens, GA, whose mission is to prevent suicide. Nuçi’s Space operates a musician and mental health resource center which provides low-cost practice space, gear rentals, etc., and offers subsidized mental and physical health care for musicians and artists in the Athens area.” After 18 months of pandemic, along with a rapidly declining music industry that feels like it strings along musicians to their wit’s ends more rapidly than ever, organizations like Nuçi’s Space are absolutely vital. Happy to be supporting their cause with a donation that also happens to net me 30 songs from a bunch of artists I enjoy and admire.

There are three songs available to preview now from Buck Meek, Ganser and the one I’m featuring here by Eve Owen, an aching acoustic dream with throbbing electric guitar and distant percussion rumbling in the wings. If you like the gently brushed folk that Keeled Scales has been putting out over the last few years, you’d no doubt enjoy this track.

The Nuçi’s Space 21st Anniversary Benefit Compilation is only going to be available on Bandcamp from October 1st through December 31st, so pre-order now and don’t miss your chance, in case a boulder lands on your computer modem or something in the mean time. You can pre-order HERE.

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