Listen: Nate Mercereau – “Absolute Sensitivity” [2021]

Composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, all-around sonic wizard Nate Mercereau has released his new album SUNDAYS today (Sept. 24) via How So / Nice Life Recordings, and if you’re in need for something to take you on a journey – this will be just the thing.

I was previously familiar with Mercereau’s music via his 2019 LP Joy Techniques and its euphoric title track (feat. Terrace Martin). That album was definitely more of a maximalistic take compared to this, with furious guitar playing, slappin’ percussion, loud bass and more, a real rip-roaring time. In 2019, when the parties were happening, that was sick. “Joy Techniques” is still a top favorite of mine. SUNDAYS on the other hand, is a free-moving, “let’s-see-where-this-goes” type of album. Not to say this is something that flatlines for the entire duration, but it’s dynamic in other ways, with songs usually starting soft and gradually expanding and contracting into different shapes, hues and textures. With drum parts suddenly picking up and firing off into a controlled frenzy, or synths expanding wider with little modular babies leaking out from its pores. It’s a fluid sensory experience. Mercereau collaborated with legendary L.A. experimental luminary Carlos Niño (who also released a bomb LP this year!), who sent him percussion improvisations for him to build around, resulting in the vast, twinkling soundscapes you hear today.

I wanted to highlight this track “Absolute Sensitivity” not only because I like how it sounds, but also because I appreciate its title and how it can apply to music like this. Being sensitive in times like these is more important than ever, and when listening to free-flowing, improvisational music like this, it’s best to let the tracks wash over you, let wandering story leave prints upon your psyche and see where you end up once its over. The track concludes with chiming piano chords, actual chimes, and delicate cymbal crashes after a slow build of chirping synthesizer, distant saxophone and clattering percussion. It’s a story being built, all you have to do is sit and listen. It’s been great seeing music like this start gaining a wider audience – especially now, we need music that breathes, changes and walks with us as we float through life, unsure of what’s to come but confident that we’ll keep going.

SUNDAYS is out now via How So / Nice Life. Buy the album HERE

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