Listen: The Stick Figures – “September” [1981 / 2021]

Ok now here’s something very exciting, even though it’s named after the month that just passed. Just got tipped off to this great reissue compilation of Tampa band The Stick Figures, released by Floating Mill Records, putting together the band’s 1981 debut EP as well as six unreleased songs, two live versions and a new 2021 remix. The group concoct a raw, thrilling take on post punk of the moment – the press release said they were staples in the music scene in Tampa at the time and opened for bands like The Fall and Lounge Lizards. Just listening to the two live tracks on the record makes it seem like they’d be an absolute blast to see live.

Wanted to feature this track “September” – just a pitch-perfect jangle rock track with an acceptable use of glockenspiel (you can’t say that every day). Just a great sense of movement, super catchy melodies and choruses. John Peel even mail-ordered the EP and played “September” on his show. So right now it’s me and John Peel that you know like this band… I don’t know what to tell you if you haven’t hit play yet. If you’re at all a fan of jangle, classic early 80s post punk and the wide delta of styles that spread forth through the start of the movement to now, you owe it to yourself to check out this compilation. Get a taste of a group that’s not from NYC, LA, Chicago, etc. It’s good for you!

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