Listen: Mr Twin Sister – “Ballarino” [2021]

REJOICE! Mr Twin Sister have slated the release of a new album, Al Mundo Azul, coming November 19. If you’re new to the blog, MTS has been one of my top favorite bands since their 2014 self-titled record, which also made the Top 20 of my Top 200 Records of the 2010s. You should go read that.

Anyways – we’ve already heard a few tastes from the record, including early 2021 singles “Diary” + “Expressions”, along with the more recent “Polvo” – “Ballarino” keeps up the trend of super upbeat, dance-centric sounds and rhythms that the previous tracks have established. Super punchy instrumental, a near-psychedelic funk element with tons of different moving parts and arpeggios all linking up. Nearly every single song the band has put out I love and “Ballarino” is no exception. I can’t wait to dance to this LP and let it completely consume me. Not for nothing, it also includes longtime live highlight “Fantasy”. It’s finally here. Hell yes.

No pre-order for the album is up yet, but you can support the single via the link HERE.

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