Listen: Julia Blair – “Relax” [2022]


I’m a bit late on posting this one, but wanted to get this out before the full album was out. Julia Blair, member of the great Wisconsin-based country rock group Dusk (creators of one of my favorite albums of the last decade, just FYI!) has a solo album called Better Out Than In arriving February 24th via Crutch of Memory. The first single, “Relax”, follows in some of the same footsteps that make Dusk such a fantastic band and helps Better Out Than In become one of my most-anticipated records of the year.

“Relax” is super lightweight, breezy and perfect for a sunny weekend morning, either driving to the park for a hike, making breakfast or having a meet-up with friends. I also want to point out that Blair also released another new single “Waste Away” recently that’s a lot slower and layered, with gorgeous string arrangements. But in 2022 we’re hoping to feel good out here. Let’s start off a preview of this record with an upbeat track. “Relax” is super charming and will hopefully get you in a better mood after doomscrolling for the third time in the last hour.

Better Out Than In is out February 24th via Crutch of Memory. Pre-order it HERE.

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