Listen: Allegra Krieger – “Taking It In” [2022]


Folk fans – perk thine ears, for a enlightened presence this way comes! NY-based singer/songwriter Allegra Krieger is releasing her new album Precious Thing on March 4 via Northern Spy, her second for the label. Recorded with Luke Temple of Here We Go Magic + Art Feynman, Krieger taps into deep layers of personal dilemmas that we all encounter in our lives, pulling strings of wisdom out of each, and knitting gorgeous tapestries of thought & introspection.

We see that on display on first single “Taking It In”, a gorgeous, string-laden cut that definitely primes us for what lies ahead on this LP. It moves at a steady pace, with moments of creeping discordance crawling in and out of frame as Krieger forges onward, as life demands it. Definitely excited about this record!

Allegra Krieger’s Precious Thing is out March 4 via Northern Spy. Pre-order it HERE.

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