Listen: Alabaster dePlume – “Don’t Forget You’re Precious” [2022]

Alabaster dePlume, aka Gus Fairbairn, is releasing a fantastic double album GOLD – Go Forward In The Courage Of Your Love on April 1 via International Anthem, following his healing 2020 LP For Cy & Lee, which I woefully lacked coverage of at the time but trust me, I listened! It’s great! This new music is great too!

The album announcement came with a double single, the a-side being the song I’m featuring here: “Don’t Forget You’re Precious”, a yawning and stretching meditation pulsating with positive affirmations and shines a light on the collaborative project behind the record as a whole. DePlume had a rotating cast of players come into the studio and more or less recorded off-the-cuff with them, opting to collage together the magic moments that organically sprung from his musicians in the studio rather than engineering the “perfect” sound for his compositions. The results truly are magical, with clouds of saxophone, choir, percussion and more floating in and out of frame while DePlume repeats “don’t forget you’re precious”, among other things. You’re gonna want to listen to this.

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