Listen: Michael Beharie (of Zs) – “Ghost” [2022]


A brand-new offering for you today – the first track from the upcoming Michael Beharie (of improvisational group Zs) album, Promise, out April 8. If you’re familiar with Zs’ music and are intimidated (like I was before clicking play on this), fret not – this is some pretty beautiful, wistful music that’s sitting in front of you.

“Ghost” takes on a lot of sonic similarities to dreamy 90s rock, with a cascading and dreamy guitar line, steady + splashy percussion and oh baby – shaker. There’s some added instrumental depth too, with the addition of a Peruvian charango, flute and disembodied vocals floating in the background, setting it apart from its contemporary sound-alikes, and giving it kind of a pastoral feel. You’re in a vast, rolling prairie of green grasses. It’s songs like these that have a cinematic, almost-real feeling of world-building about them that make me love having a blog so much. Just reading the bio for the LP too, it seems like Beharie set out to create dream worlds, or at least sculpt a vague approximation of landscapes with the songs so the listeners could fill in their own details. So, thanks Michael!

Promise is out April 8 – listen to “Ghost” and pre-order the record HERE.

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