Listen: Tess Roby – “Up 2 Me” [2022]


If a song is described as “hypnotic” in a press release, with mention of swirling synths and vaguely clubby drum programming, there’s a very high chance I’ll like the song. So when the newest single from Tess Roby dropped in my inbox not too long ago, I knew I had to check it out. And here it is.

I was a fan of Roby’s 2018 debut and included it in my “Overlooked Albums of 2018” feature, where I described the smells coming off of it being “Yerba mate, paint, clay, fresh-cut grass, perfumed silk scarf”. Innovative synth texture work and interesting songwriting mechanics helped Roby stand out while looking for any of her upcoming work. Sure enough, her sophomore album Ideas of Space is arriving April 22 via her own label, SSURROUNDSS.

This newest single, like previously mentioned, is a swirling, hypnotic dream of deep synth pads and an infectious loop of muted bass, chiming bells and disembodied vocals. To me, this is a recipe for success, looking at my favorites of the last decade like Tirzah’s early work, Hildegard, Smerz and Erika De Casier even. It’s a sparkling dreamscape that’s easy to get lost in, and gets me very excited for the upcoming LP.

Tess Roby’s Ideas of Space is out April 22 via SSURROUNDSS – listen more & pre-order HERE.

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