Listen: Cool Maritime – “Temporal Dryft” [2022]


Did I check this track out solely based on the cool tree frog art on the cover? Partially, but I’m glad I did anyways. Cool Maritime (aka Sean Hellfritsch) is putting out his new album Big Earth Energy via Western Vinyl on May 20 – this new track “Temporal Dryft” is the first taste, and after listening + reading the press release, I’m EXCITED about this record. I should also mention the cover art (and video for the song) is done by a favorite artist + gremlin conjurer of mine, Jordan Speer – check out his work HERE.

Hellfritsch illuminates us behind the inspiration for this record, ranging from PC game soundtracks to the Japanese ambient masters like Hiroshi Yoshimura and Joe Hisaishi, along with the wonders of the natural world. The first track “Temporal Dryft” is a steadily-paced mover with synthetic choirs, surging strings, twinkling chimes and a great rubbery, SNES-era bass. I loved this quote especially about this song in particular: “’Temporal Dryft’ is the third track from the album. At this point in the story you’ve found a mysterious artifact with the power to transport your consciousness millions of years back in time – into the body of a tree frog! Not just any tree frog – but a TIME FROG,” says Hellfritsch. “When I wrote this I was trying to capture a special inner feeling that happens the moment it’s become clear an exciting adventure lays ahead – and there’s so much to see and experience so I better  keep my senses wide open and stay as present as possible.” This just seems like something I’d say. I can relate to Hellfritsch and his passion to make his listeners feel like a TIME FROG. I hope you do too.

Cool Maritime’s Big Earth Energy is out May 20 via Western Vinyl. Listen + pre-order HERE.

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