Listen: The Range – “Ricercar” [2022]


After a long pause, The Range aka James Hinton is BACK with a new album on the way, Mercury, arriving June 10 via Domino. He’s already released “Bicameral”, which is a fine song, but I’m very into the most recent single “Ricercar” – channeling classic The Range with a catchy, bassy beat and soulful vocal sample woven throughout. There’s something about The Range’s music – despite it being comprised of pieces that other electronic projects share, all his music has a distinct sound and feel that I can’t get enough of.

I haven’t posted about The Range in a minute, most likely due to the six-year gap in his releases, but I have to mention that to this day, his previous two albums are some of my most returned-to albums to binge listen. What I mean by that is once I’m done listening to the record, I almost always return to one or more of my favorite tracks earlier in the tracklisting, which then gets me to listen to the whole album again from that point. Whether it be “Jamie” or “Telescope” from 2013’s Nonfiction or “Five Four”, “Copper Wire” or “So” off 2016’s Potential, it’s easy for me to rack up a ton of spins on these tracks. Easy to listen to. Satisfying. These two new singles point towards me repeating this process all over again, only with a new batch of tracks. Hell yeah.

The Range’s Mercury is out June 10 via Domino. Listen more + pre-order via Bandcamp HERE.

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