Listen: Plains (Katie Crutchfield + Jess Williamson) – “Problem With It” [2022]


Today in completely unexpected super-duos, Katie Crutchfield (of Waxahatchee) and Jess Williamson have paired together as Plains, who have an album I Walked With You A Ways coming October 14 via ANTI. It’s interesting, because I saw that MJ Lenderman announced tour dates today with Plains and is playing big rooms. As much as I love Lenderman and think he should be playing as big of rooms as he wants, I didn’t think he was Webster Hall-level yet. This may explain that, especially since as of 10AM when those dates were announced, I had no idea who Plains were. Trust that time will illuminate all confusion.

Aside from the silly tour date posting, this is a great country rock tune, continuing Crutchfield’s deeper dive into the genre. Excited to hear Williamson on lead vocals on some later tracks as well, I hope. Check the song out below:

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