Listen: Meernaa – “I Believe In You” [2023]


Holy smokes, is that what I think it is? A standalone post about new music on Warm Visions? That’s right folks, I’m willing up the effort to post about music on my own personal music blog. It’s true, I can’t let these allegations of “not a music blog” bog me down any longer. And what better way to break the funk than by posting about one of my more anticipated + exciting musicians to come out in a while: Meernaa, aka Oakland-based musician Carly Bond!

I first heard her via the first single she dropped this year, “On My Line”, which came along with the news she had signed to Keeled Scales (I’m pretty sure anyways – if not, woops!). Already good signs here. The newest track “I Believe In You” is a slice of futuristic-esque lounge, with a great sense of movement and groove, appropriately flourished with saxophone (including a distorted solo!), both smooth and chunky organs (much like peanut butter, it’s good to have variety), lush rhythm guitar, and really great, leading vocal performances from Meernaa herself. She keeps things moving, acting as a tour guide through a tunnel of love, revealing new attractions along the way, encouraging us to keep moving forward. It’s soulful, it’s tender (not to cop too many words direct from this song), and it’s lovely.

Keep an eye on Meernaa for 2023 – there’s surely more music coming and based on the three new singles she has out now, you know it’s gonna be great. She’s playing SXSW, and hey, I’ll be there!

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