Listen: Scree – “Half-Death” [2023]


Get to know Brooklyn-based trio Scree ahead of their new album Jasmine On A Night In July, out March 10 via Ruination Record Co. I was put onto this record after seeing a few music writers talk about it on Twitter, so I’m glad that I got in on this party early. From the singles out so far, this record is shaping up to be an ambient country-lounge-jazz-western odyssey, with plenty of nuance, emotion, subtle drama and more. We’re not simply drifting away on some exotica-laden raft with Les Baxter in the captain’s chair, nor are we only in a French parlor room with Francois Hardy playing softly in the background. Scree takes elements from each and creates their own vibrant world, one that gets me incredibly excited to hear the full product.

The latest single to drop from the project, “Half-Death”, sets the scene perfectly. Climactic organ softly filtering in from the background as a deep, slippery tremolo-filled guitar leads the melody. The percussion is slow and steady. There’s upright bass. All with tender lifts to the shifting melody, along with added instrumentation and a rise in volume, Scree masterfully puts some stakes on the line, taking this song that started as a rather mundane exercise in lounge fare to a drama, to an understated drama. I’m really not doing it justice, but let the warbling guitars and western organ take you someplace else.

Scree’s Jasmine On A Night In July is out March 10 via Ruination Record Co. Pre-order it HERE.

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