Listen: Jacques Greene – “Believe” [2023]


You wanna dance? You wanna have a good time? You wanna add another burner to your running playlist like I did? Jacques Greene has got you covered with his new single “Believe”, out now via LuckyMe.

I’ve been listening to Canadian electronic producer Jacques Greene for over 10 years now, which makes my brain hurt. I still have his single “Another Girl” in my running playlistm and it doesn’t seem like THAT long ago that I was obsessively listening to his 2017 album Feel Infinite, a staple of my late-Winter / early-Spring of that year. I’d been quiet on Greene from then until now, with this new track “Believe”. I thought it was pretty okay on first listen, but 24 hours after that and probably ten listens later, I decided that yeah, it was fair for me to post this on the blog to highlight it.

The track features a great vocal snippet to carry the emotion of the track throughout, but what does the heaviest lift is the thick, rubbery beat that carries throughout the track, even when most of the low-end is filtered out of the track. It sounds like an instant dancefloor ignition point, something that will quiet crowds chatting through DJ sets and get them sweating, and in the press release Greene mentioned the track was inspired by getting back to clubs after the pandemic and trying to harness all the exciting energy of being back out in the wild again. I think in that realm, Greene has succeeded.

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