It’s A List – 11 Acts I Want to See Before I Die (Or Before They Die)

The Flaming Lips

After seeing all the hullabaloo from all the festivals this year, saying that this was the best year ever in terms of the musical attendance to the festivals, I thought about all the acts that played those fests and made up lists of acts I want to see before I die (or before the bands die). This is in no order, mind you.

  • Fever Ray/The Knife
    • I just found out about Fever Ray and later The Knife through looking at many peoples “Best of 2009” lists. When I went to go check the music out, I was in awe of how different this sounded from all the other music I had been listening to prior to that. I looked up some of Fever Ray’s live shows and they are ridiculous. Karin Dreijer Andersson, the woman behind the music, usually has strange masks on, usually matching her equally strange outfit. Not only the costumes, I’ve heard, are stupendous, but also the light shows and the sound quality put out are as well. It’s a dark, etheral thrill ride that will make you move.

  • The Flaming Lips
    • The Flaming Lips are pretty much indie rock legends. Starting in 1983, they have released 13 albums since then, all with pretty distinct sounds on each one so each album is different from the next. Their most notable releases would have to be 1999’s “The Soft Bulletin” which is regarded not only as one of the best albums of the 90’s, but of all time. Same goes for it’s follow-up, “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots,” which features the song “Do You Realize??” which is not only used in many commercials but is also the Official Rock Song of Oklahoma, as of 2009. With 13 albums worth of music backing them and crazy antics going onstage like Lip’s frontman Wayne Coyne rolling out into the audience in a giant bubble, many costumed people running around on the stage and massive amounts of confetti, a Flaming Lips show would be pretty much mind-blowing.

  • Lady Gaga
    • Yes, Lady Gaga. Now it would seem that I would despise Lady Gaga, correct? I mean, I’m such an indie kid, I hate music that’s being played on the radio, right? Well, you are wrong! I found that Lady Gaga is actually one of my favorite guilty pleasures! With her two albums never really leaving the Billboard Top 40, she has plenty of money to put on a crazy, spectacular show.

  • Beck
    • Beck is probably my favorite musician/band out there right now and you might be wondering why. I just love his multitude of different sounding albums and endless creativity when making them. Take his album “Midnite Vultures:” one of the most silly things I have ever heard, but he makes it work. The next album he puts out, “Sea Change,” is one of the best things to listen to after a break-up, or after something melancholy. Two completely different sounds, but  it is all Beck. I love live  music, so I would just love to see him and his band live.

  • Animal Collective/Panda Bear/Avey Tare/Deakin
    • Another one of  my favorite acts, Animal Collective, has a pretty large fanbase. Their sound  has definitely evolved since their first album in 2000, “Spirit They’re Gone, Spirit They’ve Vanished,” and they’re most recent full-length,  “Merriweather Post Pavilion” was not only my favorite album of 2009, but favorites of plenty of other well-known media sources like Pitchfork Media, SPIN, and Stereogum. I’ve heard their shows are just big drug-trips without the drugs(well, I’m without drugs, anyways) with dazzling light shows and images showing up on a big screen to help narrate the concert, in a way.
    • Panda Bear, Avey Tare, and Deakin are all members of Animal Collective and they all are doing solo projects this year! Panda Bear played at the Pitchfork Music Festival the day before I came and has a new album out on September 13th, if I’m not mistaken. His first solo album was 2007’s magnificent “Person Pitch,” so we’ll see how the new album stands up to that. Avey Tare is coming out with his first solo album “Down There” on October 26th, and I am looking forward to that more than Panda Bear’s, just because I want to hear what solo Avey sounds like. Then Deakin, the  most enigmatic member of  AnCo, is touring around the US, and I wouldn’t mind seeing one of  his shows.

  • LCD Soundsystem
    • I just started  listening to LCD Soundsystem this year and they have evolved to be one of my favorite groups ever. Headed by lead singer James Murphy, LCD crafts electro-rock dance hits that constantly raise the bar on quality music. Their latest album, “This Is Happening” is my second favorite album of this  year(so far) and features the song “Dance Yrself Clean” one of my favorite tracks of  this  year. For their live performances they usually put on very energetic shows that do not disappoint.

  • Arcade Fire
    • The fantastic canadian indie outfit Arcade Fire have definitely made a name for themselves in 2010: A stellar third album, a fantastic streamed concert at Madison Square Garden directed by Terry Gilliam, and their endless contributions to Haiti, they’ve  done quite a lot, eh? Well, after their amazing debut album, “Funeral,” they had a lot to live up to afterwards to fill the crater they left after that album. They have been doing just that by creating nothing but great albums and putting on epic shows!

  • Crystal Castles
    • Again with the energetic music. Crystal Castles’ new album is jagged and jittery all over, and it’s one of my favorites of the year. Alice Glass is known for pretty much freaking out(in a good way) onstage during the shows so I would want to see that. Just really energetic electronic music being put out, sounds like a blast!

  • MIA
    • Ah yes, Maya Arulpragasam known as MIA onstage. She creates politcal-ish dance music and puts on a good show. Very energetic, as usual!

  • Gorillaz
    • The Damon Albarn headed cartoon band Gorillaz has been one of my favorite bands since they released “Demon Days” in 2005. I have been keeping up with the band ever since and my album thirst was finally quenched with this year’s “Plastic Beach.” Now Gorillaz are on their “Escape to Plastic Beach” tour which is said to be bigger than ever with more guest stars and more lights/stage productions.

  • Radiohead/Thom Yorke
    • One of the most influential bands of all time, Radiohead has quite the fanbase after their massive breakout album “OK Computer” in 1997. Their diverse array of songs and supreme musicianship make Radiohead concerts extremely invigorating. Thom Yorke, the Radiohead frontman, has been making a few solo projects such as his band Thom Yorke?? and his collaboration with bassist Flea Atoms For Peace.

Yeah! There’s the list, there are probably PLENTY more I would love to see, but those were the first few that came off the top of my head. What acts do YOU want to see before you die? Comment below! I hope you have a good day!

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