Radical #4 – Cut Copy & James Blake

Seasons Clash!

Summer vs. Winter

Cut Copy – Zonoscope

Aussie disco-pop evoke memories of a future summer that include car trips with the windows down and late-night parties on a beach by creating buoyant grooves over downright gleeful vocals. The first half of this record flows together like the river on the cover while being able to discern the different tracks from eachother. On the latter half, the album still has a pretty consistent flow, but the songs are more similar sounding texture wise and are easily lost in the current. Thankfully, the first half of this record is so strong that it avoids sinking by carrying the still good latter half to dry land.

If this doesn’t jump start your countdown clock to summer or the near-robotic future, I don’t know what will.

Key Tracks:

Need You Now, Take Me Over, Where I’m Going, Pharaohs and Pyramids, Blink and You’ll Miss a Revolution

Score: 87

James Blake – James Blake

The high-rising English musician creates cavernous space in your temporal lobes infused with beautiful,  soulful singing and chopped, minimalistic beats that go hand and hand like bread and Nutella. He fills the void left by the absence of Burial in the sensitive side of dubstep and revolutionizes the sound of the genre by creating an entirely new sound completely: one that carries more meaning and a face.

Another item he uses is silence, which accounts for most of the songs, but also accounts for ridiculous buildups that pull the listener right back in and immerses them in silent static while Blake serenades them with his emotional pipes. Also, if this reminds you of Bon Iver, don’t be surprised – they bear plenty of similarities, while they each hold their own unique feel and sound.

This album is fantastic and definitely lives up to all of the hype it was creating over the past few months. If you enjoyed his past EPs or you want to try something entirely new and inventive, you’ll enjoy this.

Key Tracks:

Unluck, The Wilhelm Scream, I Never Learnt to Share, Limit To Your Love, To Care (Like You), Measurements

Score: 91

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