Daily 5 Songs You Should Be Required to Own. #1

This is a new feature I thought up, while taking inspiration from Pretty Much Amazing’s “Daily 5 Free Mp3s. That idea is better than mine, considering it supplies you with not only new music, but FREE new music. SCOTCH-FREE FREE NEW MUSIC. I suggest you check that out, so I don’t have to post it all myself. (You’re welcome, PMA, you just got approximately 5 new viewers)

This came about when I was scrolling through the ole’ DerpPad and saw songs that I could not have handled musicland without. Such great tracks should not be ignored in this day and age, where music is so sacred. Okay, that was a little BS, but whatever. It feels important to me.

SO if you have some dusty iTunes giftcards lying around and you don’t know what to spend them on, look no further than my DAILY 5! These are in no order of preference, just shuffled.

1. Working for the Weekend – Loverboy

Starting off with a winner, this track is essential for any montage cleaning or working scene, no matter how cheesy it may sound. This song gets you flipping PUMPED for whatever task is at hand, which in turn raises your efficiency while also raises your happiness. Who could not be happy to this song? I mean, come on! Also it was in Regular Show, one of my favorites.

2. Marrow – St. Vincent

The  song starts  innocently enough with Disney Movie type winds and Clark’s siren vocals, then explodes into splintering guitars and sax with a freaky bass line to boot. The song’s first listen really is surprising, due to its Christopher Nolan twist in the middle of the song. With a song so creative, it’s really a wonder how Annie Clark slipped beneath most of the radar in 2009.

3. Breadcrumb Trail – Slint

Off their incredible “Spiderland” LP, this is the first song on the album, so it’s meant to make an impression on you. This definitely did. I was not impressed with the song for the first minute, then at 1:23, my life changed a bit. Slint’s famous dynamic shifts then carved it’s place into my favorite things in music. All of the other songs on this record are fantastic, but this first song left the largest impression on me out of all of them; it did its job well.

4. Da Funk/Daftendirekt (Live) – Daft Punk

My favorite song from the legendary duo’s live album, “Alive 2007”, this track combines my favorite Daft Punk track with some crazy jamming with Daftendirekt, which results in crazy, groovetastic lines that are so simple, but so effective. Seriously, there aren’t any crazy tricks on this piece, just pure great song making… and some crazy HATERS GONNA HATE grooves.

5. All I Want – LCD Soundsystem

You’re going to see many songs from LCD Soundsystem on these daily lists, most probably being from their latest full-length, “This Is Happening”. That album was my favorite of last year for a reason: because of songs like these. Extremely creative lines that make you feel all nostalgic about your life, such a good feeling. Although the lyrics don’t really fit that. Oy. Then when the song is on the verge of collapse, Murphy and the gang pulls it off in an excellent manner.


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1 Response to Daily 5 Songs You Should Be Required to Own. #1

  1. I love reading your blog!!! Just when I’m getting tired and bogged down by “work-music,” I remember (thanks to you) how awesome music is, and how it’s really never work, how could it be? Anyhow thanks! Keep it coming!!

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