Daily 5 Songs You Should Be Required to Own #2

1. Red Sector A – Rush

This is my favorite Rush song, which is a feat since there are SO MANY RUSH SONGS and a ton of them are really good! Don’t worry, there will be more Rush songs on these lists, but for now it turns out I showcase my favorite first. The draw to this song: the title, why wouldn’t you listen to a song called Red Sector A? I think that’s such a cool title! Also, this was the first time I heard 80’s synth pulled off in a song I liked (it was freshman year, I was uneducated), and that really drew me in. Then after listening to the lyrics, you can tell it’s a reference to the Holocaust or some sort of imprisonment. Apparently Geddy Lee’s mother was in a concentration camp at one time, so it is mostly about the Holocaust. Heavy lyrics aside, this is a kickin’ song that people need to get on.

2. Bit Rate Variations in B Flat (Girl Remix) – Beck

I love Beck. He’s probably my favorite musician due to his spontaneous sounds his albums embody. He then made an EP with some electronic producers with remixed variations of his most popular songs from his album “Guero” called “Gameboy Variations.” It’s called Gameboy Variations, due to the fact that it sounds like it came right out of a Gameboy or NES game. This is fantastic for kids like me, who grew up listening to songs like this, with the bleeps and bloops of 8-bit games. This song takes on the appearance of a Beck song while being coated in a Nintendo-style sauce. Sounds good to me! Sounds good to you.

3. See the Leaves – The Flaming Lips

Hardhitting, this groove will stay in your head through and through. Did that make sense? Doesn’t have to. This song is nuts; all of the percussion, twinkling synth notes and the relentless guitars smashing into your brain like a freight train. This band definitely leaves their past few releases on the road on this song; ditching their wonderful song-writing and sentimental melodies for crazy, psych-rock blast chaos. Crazy alcohol rainbow pig.

4. B.O.B. – Outkast


What was that? I don’t know. Oh well, this song is my favorite from Outkast, not just because it was featured on Pitchfork. This song cohesively evolves so many times you’d think that it would be separate songs. BUT IT AIN’T! Andre 3000 and Big Boi come in their prime with their speed rapping over booming percussion, chorus, a freaky guitar solo, and insane DJ scratching skills. This song is like a sonic buffet, so much to offer and you WANT IT ALL.

5. Gold Soundz – Pavement


It isn’t wrong to like music that Pitchfork posts. Doesn’t mean I’m a worshiper. ANYWAYS. This song is pretty much perfect, I think. When I saw them live at Pitchfork Music Festival last year, I’m pretty sure they ended with this in their set and it was bliss. All of the days events culminated into one euphoric moment that was spent with dear friends in the presence of thousands of music lovers and one of the greatest bands of the 90’s. Nostalgia is one of the greatest things and one of the worst things. In this case, it’s one of the best. Also, the video is awesome. For once.

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