Daily 5 Songs You Should Be Required to Own #4


1. Can’t Tell Me Nothing – Kanye West

One of the most badass songs by one of the more known badasses, Kanye West. The fact that this song is so confident (like Kanye) and ridiculous (like Kanye) make it perfect in that sense. It’s a song that Kanye uses to model his life after. Or maybe the song is modeled after him. Probably the latter. Also, the music video is incredible.

2. Fireworks – Animal Collective

I associate most of my favorite songs to the moment I listened to them, so it’s no mystery why I like Fireworks so much. Not only is it a great song, makes you sit and think. Another reminiscing song, my favorite. Well, the memory I pair it with is a great bike-ride I had around my suburban/rural community and the sun was setting. It was my first bike ride in about 4 years! Just flying around on the bike, sun setting, warm weather, this song playing in the headphones. Makes me really appreciate life and how we have it.

3. Buddy Holly – Weezer

“What’s with these homies dissin’ my girl? Why do they gotta front?” This song has 90’s written all over it and that’s a good thing. If Weezer hadn’t formed, we would have been deprived of some amazing alternative rock! I don’t know what is so good about this song, but the first time I heard it, I knew I loved it right away. Also, the video is incredible: Spike Jonze put Weezer into a Happy Days episode. Awesome

4. Born Under Punches – Talking Heads

Freaky, visionary, insane, creative, nuts: Talking Heads. If this band didn’t happen, so many other bands wouldn’t have been created. Their influence reaches on all realms of music, not just rock. This bridged all genres of music, creating one homogeneous mixture of jazz, rock, and all sorts of future technologies from another time period. This song is out of sight and really makes you marvel at the creativity of some people when they create music. Now think about music now. Kinda sad, isn’t it?

5. If Looks Could Kill – Camera Obscura

Feel-good song of the decade, this song brings out the happiness in all who listen. The bubbly twee of the Scottish group cannot be beat when it comes to sunny, summery pop. That didn’t make sense. It doesn’t have to. It’s a good song. LISTEN

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