Daily 5 Tracks You Should Be Required To Own: #3

I’m le tired, I’m not going to write large reviews for these.

Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) – Arcade Fire

This was the first Arcade Fire song that I listened to on the entire bus ride home from school my freshman year. The song mystified me from the start; I didn’t know music could sound like that.

Loser – Beck

Another Beck song, only not remixed this time. Probably the most well-known Beck song, this is where he got his start in the 90’s. A slacker/stoner rock gem. Beck isn’t feeling that vibe in his music any more, but he did sure attract some attention after he released this lo-fi masterpiece!

One Armed Scissor – At the Drive-In

This is the first song I’ve featured on here that is pretty HARD rock. This is a pretty kickass song right here, it’ll rip you out of your chair and make you want to kick stuff over. Don’t do that, but think about yourself doing it. Still kinda satisfying, right? Nonetheless, this is a crazy song that energizes even the most down-in-the-dumps sadsack.

Search & Destroy – The Stooges

This is raw, powerful, rebellious music. All teenagers need this song, cause this is freaking electrifying. You think this crappy rock coming out now is helping you rebel against society? Iggy was doing it right back in the 70’s. It’s funny, I was at a tailgate for my school’s female lacrosse team and this came on one of the stereos. I pictured my dad doing the same thing, back when he was my age, chilling out with friends within a circle of cars in a parking lot, grilling hotdogs, being rebellious… That’s a kind of reality I want to happen.

Helicopter – Deerhunter

One of my favorite songs from last year, Deerhunter bring out the chills of a dark winter day, sitting at home with a fire in the fireplace. Only it’s not really happy but not sad. More like melancholy; reminiscent. More nostalgia. Woah. This song is definitely modeled after a slow, dark day; but that doesn’t mean you can only listen to it in that climate. Listen to it all the time. I do.

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