Balam Acab Remixes Lana Del Rey’s Live “Video Games”

Balam Acab just put up his remix of one of my favorite songs of the year, Lana Del Rey’s great song “Video Games.”

This is the Later with Jools Holland version, so you hear the small ornaments that Del Rey puts on her song. Along with Balam Acab’s great signature sound added to it, this song has a whole new face on it. A very well done remix.

Download it fo’ free right here:

That is a nice segue into my next topic, where I’ll be posting my favorite remixes of songs from this year. There won’t be very many and I probably missed a lot of really good ones since I just started midway through the year. Nevertheless, it would be nice to send me some sweet remixes that you all enjoyed.

Have a nice night, everybody!

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