Radical Track: Massive Attack x Burial – “Paradise Circus”

The other side of the Massive Attack x Burial collaboration features a chilling remix of one of Massive Attack’s singles from their album they released last year, Heligoland.

This track has the signature Burial feel on it where you feel like you’ve transported to a bus stop bench on a sort of popular street for soulless business men and unsuccessful, unhappy lobbyists. It’s most definitely raining in this scenario, like all other Burial songs, and you seem to be surrounded in an essence of internal strife as well as external. The internal conflict possibly deals with problems within the character, not though someone else. The internal strife is what drives each of his tracks to become the great, brooding pieces of work they are. Burial infuses the Massive Attack track with his signature style and makes it something totally different and beautiful.

Everything Burial has released thus far in his career has not disappointed me and he reigns supreme as one of my all time favorite electronic artists of all time. I EXTREMELY recommend looking up all of his stuff, along with Massive Attack’s stuff. Both are very talented groups and demand your immediate attention right now.

Here’s Massive Attack x Burial – “Paradise Circus”


ALSO, Check out the other collaboration track, “Four Walls”



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