Radical Track & mp3! Grimes – “Genesis”

Ever since I saw this morning that Grimes, the creator of one of my most anticipated albums of this year and the owner of one of my favorite tracks from 2011 “Oblivion”, had released a new mp3 from her upcoming LP “Visions,” I’ve been bumping it all day.

This track is hot: extremely catchy and contains that signature “future pop” Grimes sound. The start is what gets me the most, I think. First it starts the main, bouncy synth line (a Grimes trademark, as far as I can see), then comes in Boucher’s feathery vocals layered on top of it. The upbeat drums burst in after awhile which at first don’t really fit with the song, but as the song builds and warps, they lock into their place as essentials of the song.

If the rest of “Visions” is this good, we might have an album of the year contender on our hands. We’ll see when it comes out on February 21st!


Hope you all have a fantastic day!

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