New Music Discovery: Pylon

Hey y’all,

SO. I found this great new-wave/post punk band called Pylon the other day and decided to share them with you all. Pylon has it’s main roots in the 80’s and were pretty big in the new-wave scene associated with acts like Mission of Burma, Wire, The Raincoats and Public Image Ltd. The first song I heard, Danger, was posted on Reddit’s r/listentothis subreddit (a very helpful method of finding out new music, I might add) and I instantly fell in love with the track. Sounded like a classic cut out of the 80’s framework (which I love) and had a ridiculously catchy bass line. I then proceeded to download two of their albums, Gyrate and Chomp, which I think should both be considered classics of the 80’s.

You should all check these folks out if you really dig an 80’s sound, great guitar and bass work or music in general. Sounds appropriate.

Pylon – Dub

Pylon – K

Pylon – Precaution

Have a great day, everyone!

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