Listen to Cloud Nothings’ New Album “Attack on Memory”


Well, right here, we have the stream to Cloud Nothings’ new album “Attack on Memory” which was engineered by punk/rock legend Steve Albini. Previously, Cloud Nothings joined the ranks of bands that created fuzzed out lo-fi pop that had quite a following. They put out two albums and a few EPs, following that lo-fi format, yielding a few very good songs (Hey Cool Kid), but last year they released two singles from this album that were unlike anything the band had put out before. This newer sound is harsher, cleaner and more driving. It’s really cool to see a band totally evolve their sound like that and the whole album is right here for you to stream. It’s VERY GOOD. WOW. It may be early, but this is a serious contender for an Album of the Year award.

Dang the album got taken down. Oh well, if you got to listen to it while it was up, you’re very lucky! Can’t wait til it officially drops soon!

Have a great day!

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