Radical Tracks! Blood Diamonds, The Shins, John Maus and MORE

Hey y’all!

So as you can see, there’s a new layout on the blog! Hope you all like it! On to the music!
Most of these songs came out last year and I’m just now coming around to truly feature them on the blog.

Blood Diamonds – Dreams

The first song I’m featuring is one that came out last year by electronic producer Blood Diamonds. His style can be easily described as a sort of tropical r&b infused with some mellowing, psychedelic drugs. I like this song, and a lot of his other songs a lot and I can’t wait to see what else he comes out with in 2012.

The Shins – Simple Song


The only recent song on this list! How wonderful! It truly sounds like its name, which could sound like a bad thing but it really isn’t. After the 3rd or 4th listen of the song, it gets it’s groove going and it really proves itself to be one of The Shins greatest tracks.

John Maus – Quantum Leap

Another song from early 2011, it just now knocked my socks off. Before listening to this song, I didn’t really know what to think of it. I saw all the hype that this album was receiving and didn’t really but into it. Yeah the album was okay, nothing special. Then, I decided to listen to this song again, for the heck of it. It was my favorite off of the album, so why not. For some reason, I was 100% knocked back by the sheer brilliance that is the track. The synths, the vocals, the bass… Everything is just so great about it. Alright, just go listen to I can stop rambling.

Rustie – Surph

I featured this album on my “Should Have Been in my Top 50 of 2011” list and I thought I’d share my favorite song off of the record. The whole thing is really good, but this song takes the cake. The build up in the beginning turning into a tight groove that is held throughout the song is legendary. The snippets of the female vocals in the song really helps the depth in the song, putting something behind the crystalline, glossiness of the synths. CHECK IT OUT.

Winter Beats – I Break Horses

This last song is another that I missed the boat on, “Winter Beats” by I Break Horses. I think when I was listening to the track before I didn’t have enough patience to go through with it, so I didn’t get to the huge explosion of sound that occurred about mid-way through the song. Icy (LIKE WINTER PFFFTTTCHHH) beats characterize this song. Pretty freakin’ good.


Have a good day!

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