Elite Gymnastics – RUIN 4

One of my new favorite groups, Elite Gymnastics, is releasing their fourth installment of their “RUIN” series, this one being a bit different from the others. This one is comprised of two new original songs, plus the remixes that were on RUIN 3. This offer also comes with some other goodies including an XL shirt with the RUIN logo on it, an 18×24 wall scroll with RUIN on it and three collectible badges, one with a jelly from the video game series Dragon Quest, one with RUIN on it and one with the Elite Gymnastics logo on it. You can check out the complete offer below.

But that isn’t the craziest part about the whole thing. You can call a number to hear the new songs. That’s pretty funny. Elite Gymnastics, you’re doing pretty well in this whole music thing. I really like the creativity. If I have enough money I will definitely pick up this bundle.

Call 1-800-940-5788 to hear the two new tracks “Life/Trap” and “We Got Lost”

Have a good day!

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