New: Captain Murphy – “Mighty Morphin Foreskin”

Well this is something, isn’t it?

That song title, the psychedelic video still from the very psychedelic video. Captain Murphy, the newly emerged rap artist that first appeared (that I know of) on Flying Lotus’ new track with Earl Sweatshirt entitled “Between Friends” which was for the Adult Swim Summer Singles Series. It’s a great song but the Captain Murphy figure took a lot of people off guard. Who is this guy? Is he Tyler the Creator under a new alias, could it be the combination of Earl and Tyler’s voice over eachother under many layers of warping? Maybe Flying Lotus rapping too?

Some people are clawing away at the internet trying to find out who this guy is, but I just want more tracks to come out that sound like “Between Friends” and “Mighty Morphin Foreskin!” The prior has classic Flying Lotus production, really laid back and pretty druggy while the latter is something you’d hear out of a demented Madvillain tape. It’s got samples of old cartoons, video games, and other random things that make this track one of the best hip hop tracks of the year. “Between Friends” is a great song too, but there’s something about “Mighty Morphin Foreskin” that makes it so different and alluring.
Gah, I’ve honestly listened to this song about ten times in a row now. Check out both of the songs below.

Download “Between Friends” HERE

Have a crazy day!

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