Radical: TNGHT


Well, now that I have that out, let’s get down to business.
No but seriously though. This bangs. Hard.

I’ve just recently delved into the realm of listening to just hip-hop instrumentals or just electronic music that can have rap verses put over it easily. Clams Casino, AraabMuzik, Diplo are still relatively new in my brain in terms of my personal discovery, but their music is very much so pressed into my brain. Also my hip hop appreciation has been growing at an alarming pace, especially this year. But who could blame me? Some amazing hip hop releases have come out this year!

But what could make those hip hop releases even more interesting? Crazy insane beats. This is what we have here. TNGHT is the combined beat wizardry of Hudson Mohawke and Lunice, each is brilliant in their own regard and when you combine them together the results aren’t surprising. It’s RADICAL. Seriously. These are beats that make you want to get up and do SOMETHING.

I don’t know many terms, but I’ve read a lot of blogs describe their style as “trap” which I’ve seen before used in describing a lot of Southern style rap music. I guess it’s just huge hitting bass with snares, maybe horns and other wacky samples. Well, whatever it is, it’s superbly crafted. These guys clearly know what they’re doing, not that anyone doubted them for a second.

Another thing about this music: if you listen to it through MacBook Pro (or any laptop, I ain’t discriminatory!) built in speakers, cheap Apple earbuds, Skullcandies, or whatever; throw those things out the window. Get this hooked up on your best sounding speaker system and CRANK IT ALL THE WAY UP. This stuff DESERVES to be played on a booming stereo system or crazy bassed-up headphones. Excellent.

You can stream their EP on youtube via their channel, which I highly recommend you do, but for now I’ll leave a song for you to help you decide.

Have a BANGIN day


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