Matthew Dear – “Fighting is Futile”

Hey look at that guy. I feel bad for him. Hope he’s okay.

Matthew Dear, he’s a troubled soul. His music is crazy dark. He’s (was?) part of the Detroit techno scene (go Red Wings) and he’s one of the most respected electronic acts out there right now.

I’ve never been totally into his music. I don’t know why. Well, it’s a bit obtuse, but hey, that’s the point, right? Well, I dunno. I wasn’t totally psyched on his music on the first few listens, and then something inside of me was pushed over, letting the “Matthew Dear-ism” inside of my musical soul. It took some getting used to, but I eventually started really liking the album he put out this year, entitled “Beams,” especially the song “Fighting is Futile.”

The track starts with a choppy, warped vocals sample that makes a distorted, churning beat that evokes some kind of demented mindset, almost like looking into the mind of a sociopath. But a lot more groovy. Dear’s deep, offsetting vocals are then paired with the vocal beat plus a new wave/Talking Heads-like synth pattern that has been added to the beat. The song is crazy busy, tons of sounds flying around in your ears all at once, but everything comes together in the end to make one, teetering, groovy song.

Listen to it below:

If you liked what you’re hearing, be sure to pick up his newest album, “Beams!”

Have a groovy day!

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