Submerse – “Tears”

I haven’t really gotten much into the subgenre of electronic music called “future garage” unless you count Burial as future garage, but I found a producer/artist that makes some fine works that I can really get into. This song, Tears, definitely combines a lot of the things I look for in a good electronic song: a moody vocal sample, some deep bass that isn’t totally prevalent but it pops up here and there and just an overall r&b mood to it. This song shares A TON of similarities to Burial’s work, BUT I AIN’T COMPLAINING. Burial is awesome, this dude is awesome. Listening to the rest of his album, I’m picking up influences perhaps from The Field, some of the microloops used sound a lot like something used by the German trio.

I don’t know many “future garage” acts, but I’d love to know more. If you know some great ones, send me a link!

Thanks, have a great day!

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