New: Death Grips – “True Vulture Bare”

If y’all readers don’t know, I like me some Death Grips. I like me a lot of Death Grips. Their first album that they released this year, “The Money Store” is currently at my top position on albums of the year and they have a new album coming out VERY soon called “No Love Deep Web.”

The group has been very cryptic with their marketing for this upcoming album. They started with the 4chan board /mu/ where they started posting instructions to go onto the Tor network, which is in basic terms the “secret internet,” download huge rar files, call certain numbers, decode audio files with secret messages in morse code in them… the list goes on. Nevertheless, someone was on Death Grips’ website and came across this new tune and uploaded it to YouTube, not being sure if it was made to be found or it’s being dropped tonight at 12am. It could be the latter since Death Grips has been posting about “tonight tonight tonight” and “12am” on Twitter and Facebook, so it could be this song.

OR it could be the new album. Who knows with Death Grips. Check out this track. It’s a good one:

Have a noided day!

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