Listen: Jenny Hval – “Ashes to Ashes” [2019]

Jenny Hval is BACK with a new album baby and I am so excited. The Practice of Love is coming September 13 via Sacred Bones. Her Spells EP last year was great, but we need longform Hval back in our lives. If you’re unfamiliar, Warm Visions was essentially a Hval fanblog back in 2016 when she released Blood Bitch, one of my most listened-to albums of this decade with hits like “Female Vampire” and “Conceptual Romance”. I’m able to binge those songs and not get sick of them.

This new song “Ashes to Ashes” is by far the brightest and most danceable song in her discography, with a rubbery, trance-like synth line allowing her vocals to bounce around this kind of funhouse all her own. I personally cannot wait for this record and if the whole thing sounds like this, I’d imagine that The Practice of Love is going to be binged just as much as Blood Bitch.

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