Listen: BIG | BRAVE – “Muted Shifting of Space” [2019]

Shout out to my buddy in Colorado for turning me onto BIG | BRAVE, who for the longest I was confusing with Brave Bird, an emo band from Michigan. BIG | BRAVE are a badass Montreal post/doom metal trio who recently released a new album, A Gaze Among Them, on Southern Lord Records. They’ve been at it for most of the 10s, and coming from the storied tradition of Montreal post rock, it’s no surprise this record is so expertly made with its controlled dynamics, epic climaxes, and its control of the space & slowness between notes.

The opener “Muted Shifting of Space” starts off good enough, with slow, punishing guitar and percussion, along with the dire vocals of Robin Wattie. Then halfway through, the guitars just get nasty, overcome with fuzz and caustic distortion, creating a moment that I absolutely have to see & hear live. This nuclear meltdown halfway through the track leads to a gradual melt into spacious arrangements of guitar and drums, like the embers of a burned down building glowing in an expanse of blackness. Big thank you to my friend that sent me this tune – it’s dope and I hope you, dear reader, feel the same.

Listen/buy the rest of the record here.

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