Listen/Watch: Brutus – “War” (Live at Rain City) [2019]

Got turned on to Brutus early in the year from, of all things, a Stereogum comment. As a fan of most things Sargent House (Brutus’ record label), this was an easy sell for me at first glance. But damn, this song has not been able to leave my head since I first heard it back in January. The slowly building first half of the track is just so powerful, opening things up with a simple guitar line, minimal bass and lead vocalist & drummer Stefanie Mannaerts really baring her soul on her delivery. My favorite line is by far “your hate will always be my guide”.

Then the song explodes with absolute flames, with a deluge of guitar and cacophonous percussion. Then the vocals come back amongst the scorched earth instrumentals and it is just a beautiful, impactful moment. I guarantee this song will be stuck in your head for the rest of the year and beyond. The rest of their record, Nest, is great too! But this is just a meteoric highlight that needs to be heard.

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