Listen: Anamanaguchi – “On My Own” [2019]

Anamanaguchi has a new album, [USA], coming out THIS FRIDAY (10/25) via Polyvinyl. They started out the album cycle with single “Lorem Ipsum (Arctic Anthem)”, which was a killer introduction to the new, more rock-focused sound while still incorporating video game sounds and electronics they’re known for.

Second single “Air On Line” is probably my favorite song on the record, harkening back to my favorite track off their last album, “Planet”, and pulling in some classic Ocarina Of Time soundfonts.

This new song “On My Own” is a KILLER pop jam with vocals courtesy of Hana. The chorus is huge and really slams into my chest. It kind of reminds me of some of the more recent Kero Kero Bonito material, as well as another obvious comparison in Crying. Where’s new music from that band? Anyways – it’s a banger to the highest degree and I hope people dig it, because this band has worked hard enough to deserve it.

You can pre-order [USA] or buy other Anamanaguchi merch HERE.

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