Listen: Great Grandpa – “Bloom” [2019]

The new album from Seattle group Great Grandpa is coming out tomorrow, 10/25, via Double Double Whammy – and it is seriously a whammy. I haven’t listened to any of their previous material, but singles like “Digger” and “Mono No Aware” (shout out to PAN) and the album artwork alone really got me interested. Thanks to a friend sending me the record early, I can safely say that the whole album is worthy of your time.

“Bloom” starts off in a way a pop country song from the mid-00s that I’d hear on the radio while having a garage sale, singing about feeling worthless, Tom Petty, and remembering that your friends love you. The second half though is a slow build-up back to the volume of the first half that turns wordlessly anthemic in the process. There are other great songs on the record, but I wanted to share this one in particular to show the versatility of the band’s sound.

Four Of Arrows is out 10/25 via Double Double Whammy – buy the album HERE.

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