Listen: Lapalux – “Limb To Limb (feat. Lilia)” [2019]

I’ve been following Lapalux for what seems like nearly a decade now and to my surprise, he just released an album today, Amnioverse, via Brainfeeder. The immediate standout track is this, “Limb To Limb” featuring frequent collaborator Lilia. Probably the most straightforward, “radio-friendly” track on the record; with a steady breakbeat, a ghostly choir in the background and great, slightly-manipulated vocals from Lilia. The emotional climax is in the last fourth of the track, with tons of polyrhythms and volleys of bass rocketing in and layering on top of each other. The whole record is loaded with mind-bending sounds and moments – something that would benefit from being played on a really nice sound system. Even if you don’t have that, listen to Amnioverse when you get a chance.

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