Listen: Charli XCX – “anthems” [2020]

Ok alright I gotta come clean – all I’ve been listening to for the past week or so has been Charli XCX’s new album how i’m feeling now, made entirely during quarantine. The album is full of highs are spare on lows, but “anthems” might be my biggest jam. As someone who goes to a surplus of shows, this quarantine has really cut out a vital part of my life. Although this song more deals with partying and debauchery, I think we can apply its booming and stomping sound to craving the burst of bass and electricity from fellow music surrounding you, automatically making it one of THE go-to songs for us to turn to once COVID has packed its bags. Where is all this energy we’ve been collecting going? Not out into venues and onto bands. That’s a damn crime.

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